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Since 1985
Laven Publishing is a locally owned, majority-women-owned and operated publishing company established in 1985 with publications serving the military, city, tourism, educational, religious, and advertising markets in El Paso. We are the one-stop source for all print, web, and digital media.

The Best Read Paper in El Paso
The Bugle is a FREE, weekly publication geared to the military. 13,000 issues published every Thursday … with more than 127,000 readers (both on and off post), representing active and retired military, civilian employees and their families.

The Bugle is the only authorized newspaper on post and the only newspaper that saturates the military market in El Paso.

The Bugle is also mailed (with relocation orders) to incoming military to acquaint them with El Paso.

The Bugle is like a military trade publication, a must to read … and read cover to cover. In fact, it’s the “Best Read Paper in El Paso.”

The Official Post Guide and Telephone Directory Commissioned by Fort Bliss
A wonderful guide to Fort Bliss and El Paso with photos, maps, post telephone listings and yellow pages for soldiers and civilians.

This guide is used all year by incoming military troops, spouses, visiting military dignitaries, retirees, and El Paso merchants. There are 4 Sections: Editorial, maps, yellow pages, white pages (post telephone numbers).

To show support for the military and direct them to your business, CALL 915-772-0934 and place your ad in THEIR telephone directory.

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